voluturn 2018 | siemens nx edition


Much like VoluMill, VoluTurn offers manufacturers the ability to significantly increase productivity by reducing cycle times while also reducing wear on cutting tools. VoluTurn is a task-specific turning solution targeted at the types of parts most commonly associated with the power-generation industry. However, VoluTurn may well prove to be effective elsewhere in other industries which experience similar challenges related to complex toolpath creation and hard-to-machine materials. Currently, VoluTurn supports the use of round inserts only.

VoluTurn will also increase productivity for manufacturers by greatly reducing man-hours for programmers who are currently required to manually create toolpaths by using CAD geometry, such as lines and arcs, to drive cutting tools.

Benefits – Easily create better, safer toolpaths – faster

  • Dramatically reduced programming time on complex parts
  • Easier on machine-tools – always smooth, flowing motion
  • Increased tool life – eliminates over engagement and dwelling of tools
  • Predictable tool life – distributes wear evenly on cutting tools
  • Reduced machining loads – material entry and exit is always smooth, circular, and tangential


  • Automatic collision avoidance, even with full holder assemblies
  • Intermediate retract options – stop to check, index, or change inserts based on time, distance, or number of passes
  • Efficient repositioning between cuts
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional cutting patterns, with constant or variable depths, fully utilize the inserts while helping prevent notch formation
  • Entry and exit arcs are automatically calculated for optimum performance and minimized insert wear