VoluMill Plug-in Technology - You Can Leverage VoluMill Regardless of Your Current CAM System

The fact that VoluMill is developed independently from any one CAM system, you can use it with just about any CAM platform. Even though it's tightly integrated and available as an option for CAMWorks, Cimatron E, GibbsCAM, NCCS, OPEN MIND, Siemens NX, and TopSolid, VoluMill is also available as a standalone product - VoluMill NEXION. Our integrated editions make it easy for CAM users to start leveraging VoluMill within hours from when they first install it. This is possible because the menu structures and commands are exactly where they should be -  native to the CAM system.  

A Two-Hour Learning Curve

Not only does VoluMill offer significant performance increases during the rough milling process, it also saves your team tons of programming time. How is this possible you might ask? The simple answer is that VoluMill focuses specifically on applications used for rough milling. So when programmer needs to create a toolpath using VoluMill, they experience a simple, intuitive, and task-focused interface. Most end-users of VoluMill will tell you that they learned how to use the application in just a couple hours, and on average, they have reduced their time spent creating toolpaths by thirty-percent or more. 

No Special Machine Tool Requirements

VoluMill produces toolpaths that even the loads on machine tools and cutting tools, enabling them to cut faster and deeper while under greatly reduced stress. Because of this, VoluMill can work with any machine tool regardless of its capabilities. Whether you have a high-powered machine, or an older low-end machine, the benefits of a VoluMill toolpath still exist, however the total gains in efficiency may be limited due to the overall limitations of the machine tool. Many customers with older machines avoided additional capital expenditures because of the significant increases in performance they realized by using VoluMill. 

Use Less Expensive Cutting Tools, That Last Longer

When it comes to cutting tools, VoluMill is well-known for extending the life of cutting-tools. On average, our customers are reporting more than four-times tool-life, and in some cases as much as eight times in comparison to their previous operations. In addition, our customers will tell you that they now use much less expensive standard carbide end-mills. This is possible because VoluMill always produces an even load on machine tools and cutting tools, regardless of the shape of the geometry being cut. An even load on the cutting tool ensures that the chip formation is always consistent, and heat is effectively evacuated away from the part and cutting tool. 

Flexible Licensing

VoluMill offers a broad range of licensing options to accommodate large, small businesses, and everything in between. VoluMill is available as a Node Locked license for a single user, a Standard Floating license, that allows you to share one license with up to five registered users, and an Enterprise license which allows you to share one license to as many users as you want, in any location around the world. 

Buy, Lease, or Subscribe

VoluMill is available as a licensed product and can be purchased, leased over a period of three years, or as a monthly subscription. Contact Celeritive or your local VoluMill representative for more details.